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T e s t i m o n i a l s


H i g h e r  E d u c a t i o n  E x e c u t i v e s  a n d  A d m i n i s t r a t o r s:


“Dr. Donald Mitchell is one of the preeminent scholars and thought leaders on experiences of students of color, and the institutions that serve them. His fresh introspective on the historical contexts related to the subject matter is insightful and informing. I have had the pleasure of hearing his presentations in both small and large audience settings. In all cases, he is able to captivate the audience with facts, personal experiences and perspectives that are deeply moving and inspiring.”

-Sean Huddleston, president, Martin University


"Dr. 'DJ' Mitchell is an extremely knowledgeable presenter who is committed to a mission of social justice. He is passionate about his work and is able to convey that passion to his audience. With an easy conversational style, Dr. Mitchell consistently delivers a substantive and compelling message."

-Elaine Collins, PhD, former president, Northern Vermont University


“Dr. Mitchell is an emerging leader in higher education with an inspirational message about the transformational power of learning. Highly recommended!”

-Scott Olson, PhD, president, Winona State University


"Dr. Mitchell is a thoughtful and engaging communicator who relates his research interests and findings to the audience in dynamic ways. I highly recommend him as a higher education thought leader and communicator."

-James Hunter, PhD, chief executive officer, Emerge Education


"Dr. Donald Mitchell epitomizes what it means to be an educator for the people. His diverse background in higher education along with his passion for research in gender and race in higher education makes him a jewel of his time. He is a gifted and talented orator that blends practical experience with his love of research. He is highly respected by students and peers alike."

-Adriel A. Hilton, PhD, vice chancellor for student affairs and enrollment management, Southern University New Orleans


F a c u l t y  a n d  P r o f e s s i o n a l  C o l l e a g u e s:


"Dr. Donald 'DJ' Mitchell is an exceptional professor with a deep knowledge and understanding of diversity issues in higher education. He is well-published and a highly respected scholar in the field."

-John Shinsky, PhD, professor and associate dean for community impact, College of Education, Grand Valley State University


"Dr. Mitchell is a superb scholar on diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education contexts. He challenges individuals to re-consider their understanding of diversity, while providing an environment for people to grapple with today's issues of diversity and equity in higher education."

-Darris R. Means, PhD, associate professor, Department of Educational Foundations, Organizations, and Policy, University of Pittsburgh


"Dr. Mitchell is a brilliant education and research scholar who is considerably humble and always performs duties with the highest integrity and character."

-Tomashu K. Jones, PhD, former editor-in-chief, Journal of African American Males in Education


S t u d e n t s:

"As soon as I expressed an interest in research, I was directed to Dr. 'DJ' Mitchell. And it was clear why after reviewing his work. Yet, while his scholarship is impressive, his dedication to his students and passion for diversity, equity and inclusion in education impresses me more. As an educator, he fosters learning experiences that you remember and for me, he has become a very important mentor."
-Nicole Rombach, former master's student

"Dr. Mitchell's approach to student learning is simple, yet profound at the same time. By providing consistent support and developing personal connections, he's someone who inspires students and professionals to be the best version of themselves."

-Kyle Martin, former master's student


“Keep inspiring and challenging young Black Greeks in Michigan and across the nation.”​            

-Participant, IMPACT Leadership Institute, North American Interfraternity Conference

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